Type 5 Diabetics

EARLY POST :) Because it's cold outside and I have nothing resembling a social life at the moment...

Type 5's probably have the hardest job, their condition however was self-inflicted, which adds to their level of bravery, committment... and possibly stupidity. But type 1's like me appreciate them for their self sacrifice. 

A Type 5 Diabetic has the following symptoms:
- Has a fully functioning pancreas
- Has no insulin concerns
- Is the best friend and supporter of a diabetic
- Doesn't judge what their diabetic friend eats
- Doesn't tell their diabetic how to manage their condition
- Asks questions (yes people, I LIKE answering questions!)
- Carries or offers to carry emergency sugar sources (one of my type 5's did this even before I was diagnosed... she had a hunch)
- Reads your diabetic blog
- Doesn't get grossed out by fingerpricks and injections at the dinner table
- Loves you despite your general craziness about everything and perfectionism in managing your HSC and your diabetes

and the most important of all
- Holds your diabetes stuff (seriously, I'm a walking pharmacy) 

Besides my parents and my amazing family who have been honourary diabetics for years, I'm lucky enough to have three type 5's in my life.

They are under-appreciated in every way. No one pays them, no one recognises their achievements, they don't make national news (I did give one of my type 5's a bag of lollies once... that counts right?). You made a choice to accept and get involved with my diabetes, realising it's just a part of me.

I'll never understand why you choose to not just put up with me and all my little quirks, but also my diabetes.  So thank you Type 5's!


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