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The Diabetic Professional: A contradiction of terms?

T1 Talk: Back to the Beginning- Part Two

Today’s post begins a series of conversations between myself and Frank of Type 1 Writes. We first connected through our blogs, and our mutual friend type 1 diabetes. Despite our three year age difference, we have discovered that we both have quite a lot in common. Starting with the fact that we were both diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May 2010, only a couple of days apart. We’ve started these conversations with the aim of highlighting how type 1 diabetes impacts two people of a similar age, who were diagnosed at slightly different stages of life. Although this is our own unique series of Type 1 Talks, we would like to give credit to Laddie (Test Guess and Go) and Kate (Sweet Success) for the inspiration from their Type 1/Type 2 Conversations series.

Our first Type 1 Talk is titled Back to the Beginning. This isn’t your typical diagnosis story.  We aren’t specifically revisiting diagnosis, DKA, or the signs and symptoms of type 1. I guess we’re focussing more on the people who were …