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The Cure

There’s a lot of research going on right now in the diabetes world. There are new blood sugar meters coming out that let you scan a thing on your arm and give you your blood sugar (this link explains that much better than I just did: ) There are studies into what virus might have triggered type 1 and there are studies into whether the beta cells in the pancreas are just dormant rather than dead.
All very cool stuff! Anything to make management easier is awesome in my book. I want a machine or app thing that lets you take a photo of food and gives you a carb count that’s 100% accurate because my maths is dire.
But a lot of these research projects talk about a cure. This elusive cure is brought up a lot. When I was diagnosed there was talk of it happening in the next ten years. We’re on year 6 now. I’ve heard from others in the DOC (diabetes online community) that they were told that as well. Thing is, they were diagnosed decades ago. It’s always anoth…