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Breaking the blue collar ceiling

So, I'm not angry about this (wow what a change!)
I just want to somehow break a stereotype, or at least have someone, somewhere, challenge this stereotype.

I'm very lucky to live where I do, with the family I do. I have so much support that I've never felt like I've gone without. However, it has to be acknowledged that in the area I live, there is a certain mentality that is present.

You're not expected to go on to university. You're supposed to go to TAFE, or get a job. You're supposed to have a boyfriend and plans for the future.
I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't plan on getting full time work, I don't plan on going to TAFE.

I plan on going to university, and a very prestigious one at that. I didn't choose this uni by its name, unfortunately for me it was the only place that offers my course. My second choice means I'll have to move house and drive for an hour each day to uni. I mention the prestige of the uni because with that co…

Some exciting news, a shredder and a thank you

Well if there's anyone out there, hi!

I'm right in the middle of my HSC, five exams left until I can finally finish high school for good and add my other subject's notes to the shredder

(I wasn't kidding, this is English)

But I thought I'd share some fantastic news with those of you that still pay attention to my little blog.
Somehow, I managed to get an early offer/scholarship into uni.
Yep.... even I'm not sure how that happened.
It was nerve wracking and hard work, but somehow I managed it.
So now, I don't have to get as high marks as I once did and if I fit the criteria I am guaranteed a place in the course and made an offer in the first uni offer round in January!

I would also like to mention a lovely girl, who I didn't even know read this blog. She's kind hearted and sweet, not to mention driven and intelligent. I first admired her for her brilliance in the acadmeic arena, but as I spoke to her more, I have grown to respect and admire her for …