Dobby, the insulin pump

My insulin pump, fondly named Dobby (Yes, from Harry Potter.... don't judge me...) seems to share a goal of spontaneously appearing where it shouldn't and holding the wish to maim and seriously injure (you traitorous pump you!)

Don't you see the resemblance?

You diabetics know what I'm talking about, Dobby likes to live on the edge.
It's a little sport, called pump bungee-jumping and I think my pump's addicted.

It happens at any time, any place and usually when it's least wanted, like when standing up on a bus/train to get off at your stop or when you go take off your seat belt in the car. There it is, the pump hanging by its tubing, swaying in the breeze. Not only is this painful, but sometimes it gets caught on things like doorknobs, and pulls out the infusion set, meaning that I have to inject a new one early (boo!).

But that isn't all. Me being me, when this happens I usually make some form of comment that would sound really really weird to non-diabetics. A notable example was on the bus one time when I stood up holding my school folder, laptop and bag whilst my pump dangled from my hip saying 'ah crap, there goes my pancreas' or 'Oops! Dropped the pancreas!'

... Yup, I'm perfectly normal. It's not like I scold my pump afterwards
*cough* ..bad Dobby, bad! *cough*

Dobby I love you, but I think it's time you give up the bungee jumping. Yes, it's better than sky diving but one day one of us is going to get hurt. You can't rely on your tubing to save you forever.


  1. Apparantely, Harry Potter references and Type 1 Diabetes are a 'thing' so no judgement coming from me. This is the 3rd Harry Potter related pump-naming I have found (ok this also includes my pump, Vernon). So 2 besides me.

    Exciting to know there's probably more of us out there.

  2. Diabetic potterheads need to unite :)
    I hadn't even heard of anyone else naming their pump let alone the name being from hp!
    Vernon- love it.


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