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"I can't"

It was only by doing something out of my comfort zone that I realised how often I say "I can't".

Getting up and walking to a sunrise before eating?  I can't, I'll go low.
Walking to see the sunset just after eating?  I can't, I'll go low.
Doing a challenging day hike on an island without reception let alone a hospital?  You've got to be kidding me. 
Turns out, I can.
Having a chronic illness naturally adds a layer of caution to your decisions. After all, there's more to think about. But I think I crossed the line when I started thinking I couldn't do things because of my diabetes. I gave up scouts when I was diagnosed, so I hadn't camped or hiked in years. Active things became frightening things. 
Low blood sugars are scary. They're uncomfortable, they're draining and they do have the capacity to kill you. I found that exercise sets them off more than anything else, so I made the decision to avoid exercise that lasted more than an h…