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Sloth Life

To think, that this time last year I was hanging out for HSC results, imagining that I would be the most productive uni student ever because I was studying something useful.
Now I'm half way through uni exams and realise I have turned into a sloth

If I could have the time over again I would do things a little differently.

-I would make notes as I go. EVERY.TIME. Not for two weeks and then cram two days before the finals
-Attend your 8am lectures. 6 hours of catching up in one day is not a good idea.
-Drink less coffee
-Stop driving to the train station every day. You walked before you had a drivers license, your legs ACTUALLY still work
-And if you do drive, park your car well so you're not relying on "the car gods" to keep it safe all day
-Don't get addicted to yet another TV Show, MASH was bad enough during the HSC
-Don't buy every textbook- rookie mistake I made twice
-Don't write your report the days before it's due. It will take longer than you t…