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Diabetes Mini-Burnout

Bit of a blog vacation happened there, sorry!
I’ve been having a bit of a diabetes mini-burnout and that’s related to everything diabetes, including blogging.
It’s all just seemed too hard lately, as though it’s only just dawning on me that it’s been 5 and a bit years of daily management.

I’m calling this a mini-burnout because it wasn’t horrific, or really long term. I’ve just had some difficulty keeping up my diabetes management lately. However it wasn’t obvious, and it took me a long time to work out that this was burnout.

I always thought that diabetes burnout was when you said enough’s enough and downed tools. I thought it meant you stopped checking, bolusing (taking insulin for food) and thinking about your diabetes. I was checking as often as usual (aka testing way too much) and I was bolusing for all my meals. I was even taking insulin corrections to bring down my high blood sugars. So naturally, I didn’t think it was happening to me.

However, I hadn’t contacted my speciali…