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Starting the conversation

Writing this post is tricky, but I think it's important. I hope that reading it helps someone else feel a little less alone. It's still not perfect and I'll probably try to write about this again. But for now, it's a start. 

Mental health is a touchy subject. Despite increased awareness we still whisper about it. We still pretend it doesn't exist. We hide it, and treat it like it's something wrong to discuss. Fact is, you or someone you love have likely experienced some form of mental illness/disorder. The word sounds scary doesn't it? Like it means you're crazy, or unstable in some way. Interesting when you consider that earlier fact. If everyone has been touched by mental illness, why are we so touchy about it?

I feel far more comfortable writing about my diabetes, a more physical/medical condition, than I do about my mental health. Broken beta cells are okay to talk about but chemical imbalances? Oh no. Certainly not polite dinner conversation.


A Pause

I love the diabetes online community, I really do. I love blogging. I’ve had a huge number of experiences lately, CGM, conferences, committees, concerts, and almost finishing my current placement. But try as I might I haven’t been able to talk or blog about them. Doing this is something I enjoy, but lately I just haven’t felt like it. I feel a little detached from the DOC lately, entirely by my own doing.
For the last six months or so I’ve been tired. A generalised burnout of everything. My year at uni has been jam packed with no full holidays this year. My diabetes and general health has been all over the shop. So my hobbies get lost a little, and blogging is one of them. I’ve always made sure to keep this blog as a hobby and not as my job for this very reason. But even so, it’s been left aside too.
Sometimes I think you can take on a bit too much. There’s taking opportunities and then spreading yourself too thin. So for now, blogging is taking a backburner and I think that’s ok. …