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The Cure- Part 2

A while back I wrote about my thoughts on a cure.
Tonight's ozdoc chat on twitter  focused on our thoughts on a cure, and what it would mean.

Some really big issues came up, and one really stood out for me. If we did have a cure, who gets priority?

It looks deceptively simple. I know my first thought was children. Babies who can't tell when they're running high or low. Little kids who are terrified of needles. Parents who never sleep the night through.

But then that got me thinking, how can I compare individual's experiences of living with this? What makes the 4 year old with t1 more deserving of a cure than the hypo unaware 25 year old living alone, not leaving their house because they're afraid of going low? What about the pregnant woman who has to keep her levels stable for the sake of her child? What about the teenager who is isolating themselves because they're ashamed of their condition and just want it to go away?

What about me, a 20 year old uni student…