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Anxiety: the silent saboteur

As it's mental health month and today is focused on anxiety I thought it would be a great opportunity to talk about anxiety specifically. Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. Check out Beyond Blue for information

Anxiety disorders are so often written off as ridiculous. Stop worrying. Stop over thinking.
My personal favourite? Don't stress.

Yeah look, if it were that easy I wouldn't have been paying for 6 years of treatment.

We all experience anxiety. That rush of adrenaline, that worry about a big job interview. But it becomes a problem when you're anxious chronically, with no particular trigger, and your anxiety is impacting your day to day functioning.

I have an anxiety disorder that's a mix of many characteristics of different things. Over the years it's presented in different ways. As a kid I was so perfectionistic I would cry if I couldn't do something righ…

A Conversation

"How are you?"
This morning I felt like my limbs were made of cement which made it really hard to get up, my sugar's high now, I'm tired all the time and would like to be in bed right now. Fan-flippin-tastic.
I smile widely "I'm good thanks, how are you?"
"Good thanks!"

We chat for a moment, it's pleasant.

"Well I'm heading off, nice to see you"
"You too" I smile and wave.
Again with the smiling. What am I, a Cheshire cat? Did I put them off in that conversation? I hope I didn't say something stupid. I was awkward wasn't I? I'm such an idiot. They're not thinking about this at all... stop thinking Bec.

I walk to my car. I dropped everything off earlier so have nothing in my hands.
Stand up straight. Honestly why is this so hard for you? What am I supposed to do with my hands? I have nothing to hold on to. It's mildly impressive I manage to make walking look uncoordinated.
I get in, put it in reverse…