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This is what diabetes looks like

Long time no blog! Happy Diabetes Awareness Month, I hope you're wearing plenty of blue.

I have a bit of a habit of checking out when the going gets tough with my diabetes. I usually want to write but it's all a bit too hard. This leaves my blog looking pretty squeaky clean and like I've always got everything under control. Well I haven't but I'm trying again.

Let me show you what diabetes looks like.

My current set is taped down using a bandaid because it lost stickiness the day after I inserted it.
There's chocolate wrappers and juiceboxes on my bed from the hypos of finally adjusted basal rates (I'm getting more insulin because my sugars are high).
My meter case doesn't have an inner compartment that zips up so my test strips go everywhere.
There's uni exams, and committees, conferences, events, work, other health management and sugar levels to be fixing.

But in good news I get a CGM trial for a week because despite my ridiculous blood sugar my a…