Jelly Baby Month: A Letter to the Author

To the author,

Your article whilst I'm sure well intentioned, was a major blow to the type 1 community. For those that don't want to follow the link, it concerns JDRF's (Juvenile Diabetes Foundation) use of jelly babies in the promotion of Jelly Baby Month, a fund raising time of year for type 1 diabetes. The author believes that jelly babies should not be sold and that it is hypocritical and AWFUL for their use in promotion.
Now, from what my mum says you're actually really great in regards to nutrition and perhaps this article was not meant the way it sounds. But Ms O'Meara, I have a bone to pick with you.

1) Thank you for distinguishing between type 1 and 2- really most sources of media don't do this and I appreciate that. BUT the following comments, despite your insistence that you understand the difference, do not demonstrate that.  'To me it’s a little like looking for a cure for mesothelioma (lung cancer) and selling cigarettes to raise funds to find a cure, or selling alcohol in order to find a way to cure alcoholism.' Please, tell me more about how you understand the difference between type 1 and 2? Last time I checked, type 1 isn't caused or linked to jelly babies or sugar like your examples are to their respective products. This is most likely why you experienced a so called 'attack' on not knowing the difference between the two.

2) Unfortunately, it seems that you don't quite understand how Jelly Baby Month works. Jelly babies are only ONE product sold in fund raising, with a greater emphasis on selling pens, badges- see this link and there's your proof!

3) Why target JDRF, an under-represented organisation that aims only to do good for the diabetic community. Their ONE fund raising time of year does not need to be attacked, it needs to be spread out to gain awareness and encourage positivity and getting the facts right about type 1 diabetes. Millions of companies and organisations use chocolate drives to fund raise. Why did you choose an organisation that really is the lesser 'evil'.

4) So you have all of these opinions, my mother and I sent you an email and you haven't yet responded. Please, tell me about what your proposed solutions are? Clearly there's an issue with my hypoglycaemia (hypo) food which I use to raise my blood sugar. Jellybeans and processed fruit juices? How DARE I! Please, suggest an alternative which can rapidly raise blood sugar and has exactly 15 grams of short acting carbohydrate.

I didn't appreciate this article, and members of the type 1 community don't need to be made to feel terrible about their fund raising and requirements for sugar. Before posting things like this, it's best to find out a little more, like the fact that JDRF also run active fundraisers such as the walk to cure diabetes which I participate in every year? Or the ride or jump to cure diabetes? What about the Big Blue Test which everyone worldwide does to check blood sugar after exercise?

I'm sure your intentions were good, but please be careful. The media is incredibly inaccurate and misleading in regards to type 1- don't contribute. I have conducted a 9 month study to complete a major work about this topic, heck, I started this blog to be a positive media outlet no matter how small it may be. Pick your battles, this wasn't the best one to start.

An irritated type 1


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