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Low Sugar Brain Adventures

Low blood sugars make you do stupid things.
Stupid, dangerous, scary things.
I must have had a whole lot of luck on my side today because this could have turned nasty.

I was walking back to redfern station when my blood sugar dropped. I didn't notice it and took a wrong turn.... and so the saga begins.

I finally stopped to check it, but there was no where to sit.
Stupid low mistake #1: Crouch down and check it in a shifty looking side street.
My shifty side street was near a shop, so I suppose low error 1 wasn't too bad.

It was then I realised I was going the wrong way.
Stupid low mistake #2: Walk back and forth past the same guy on a corner, showing that you're evidently lost.

So I managed to head the right way, which brings me to this.
Stupid low mistake #3: Keep walking when low, AND walk through a shifty looking side street.

I quickly walked through and encountered two women nearby, so I asked which was it was to Redfern station. "Oh it's just up the hill!&quo…

Social media- I shake my head in despair

I'm a bit delayed, but I found out about this lovely incident this morning. A cafe decided that they would name a cronut on their menu diabetes. In short, the internet exploded.
They issued an apology, and have taken it off the menu- I have no issue.

But I have a HUGE issue with the comments section on their facebook page. Many are commenting that the people complaining
- don't have a sense of humour
- are oversensitive
- need to get over it

One comment even linked diabetics with cheap toys- poorly made, weak,  and fragile.    

*deep breath*
Im breaking out a list

1) Oversensitive? Right, ok. So if it's ok to call a dish diabetes, it's ok to call one renal failure? Stroke? What about cancer? They are equally inappropriate names.

2) "Oh get a sense of humour". I like to laugh about my diabetes, I encourage everyone to do the same! But misinformation isn't funny, it's ignorance. By putting out a dish clearly swamped in sugary treats and calling it diab…

Changing it up

I was going to write about my crazy exam blood sugars, but I've done that before. I think now I might blog a response to a frequently asked question that isn't even remotely diabetes related!

"How do you know exactly what you want to do with your life? Why do you want to be a speech pathologist?"

Back in Year 12 when everyone felt swamped in the pressure of choosing a degree, I was one of the relatively few that didn't experience a crisis. Sure, I had about a week of reconsidering, maybe going into teaching, or psychology, or sociology etc. But once again I was drawn back to speech. I found out about speech in a Job Guide book, well to be more accurate my mum found it. I was focused on psychology at the time, so glazed over the speech entry, but it turned out to be everything I wanted and more.

My main goal is to help people. I wanted something medical without being a doctor, teaching without being a teacher and psychological without being a psychologist. Plus, I…