Concerts... it's a love hate relationship

Concerts are awesome. Simple really.

But the thing is, diabetes and concerts just 
they just.don't.go.

I don't know what happened between them to cause such a terrible mismatch, but in short their relationship is very VERY messy.

Basically, being a t1d is a pain at times because you need to be able to check your blood sugar... kinda hard in a mosh pit. 
There are three methods of sugar checking in a concert.
1) The Balancing Act: We've all done it, finger pricker in the mouth, sugar meter balancing on the arm and test strips flying everywhere. Obviously not one for the weak hearted, or the uncoordinated

2) The 'You Owe Me A Favour' Approach: That's right, it's time to call in our lovely friends and ask them to hold things for you. Maybe you say you're super low, but whatever it is, you make it seem like they have to help. The ultimate diabetic benefit is assistance in the mosh pit :)

3) The 'She'll be right mate!' Approach: Yep, this one is pretty dumb, but a lot of people do it. It involves not checking your levels and scoffing down a pack of jellybeans/coke prior to the concert. Possibly effective, but not failsafe, DON'T DO THIS, I'm not game to try!

So there you have it, this is quite the ordeal. But then again, I'm lucky if I even get through the gates...
they bag check, roughly.
... 'Please don't break my glass insulin vials'
'Oh the needles? I'm diabetic'

Security people, one day I'll devote a post to them and their assumptions as to why I have needles in my bag


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