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T1 Talk: World Diabetes Day Edition (Part Two)

Welcome back to T1 Talk, a series of conversations between Frank and I about all things Type 1. Today is World Diabetes Day and we're discussing diabetes awareness both on a large scale and in our day to day lives. You can find Part 1 over on Frank's blog here.
Let's pick up where we left off!

I think we’ve both find it difficult to stomach some of the negative consequences of diabetes promoted in awareness campaigns. So what does your ideal diabetes awareness campaign look like?
Bec: I’ve said it many times: as a person with diabetes, complications don’t sell. They don’t help, they generate fear and they add to many of the misconceptions that already exist in the general public.
My ideal diabetes awareness campaign is one that makes diabetes more visible, which is a lot closer to what’s happening this year! Make it normal, like wearing glasses. We know the signs to let us know when to see an optometrist. We know what glasses are for. We pass no judgement when someone wears t…