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The Yoga Class

I walked into a local yoga studio with some apprehension. Would I still be able to "do" yoga? What if the other students were judging how stiff I am, despite being the youngest person in the room?

"Leave your bags in the desk over here".

The desk is on the other side of the room. What if I go low and have to walk across the room to get my things mid practice?

I lay my mat on the floor in my allocated spot at the front. Naturally I've put it down the wrong way.

"Ah, nerves" the instructor said with a smile.
"That obvious huh?"

I ease into the practice and slowly get used to the instructor adjusting every one of my postures.

"Are you a dancer?"
I don't quite know whether to be proud or offended as she studies my foot position. Don't dancers have notoriously dreadful feet?
"For a while. I took up tap dancing again a few years back"
"I knew it" she laughs, moving my foot inward from its turnout position.