The Uni Life

Uni is nothing like it's made to seem on TV.

Late nights aren't parties, they're the rush to finish an assignment before the due time.
Socialising isn't chatting about the great times you've had, it's a support group for assignment/placement/test woes.
Stumbling around isn't from one too many drinks, it's from hypos (low blood sugars).

The uni life makes me a tired, whinging, hermit... with hypos.

I still love uni, despite all of the assignments and the tests and the responsibilities and the exam flurries. But I could do without the hypos before assignments are due.
To be fair, the latest one was possibly my fault.

There we were, working on our assignment like good students (ok, it was the day before the due date) and all was going along nicely.
We'd been there for 6 hours and it was finally time for me to leave.
But no, diabetes didn't want to cooperate.
Instead I got hit with a shocking hypo that left everyone just a little bit worried. I think I walked around in a zombie-like fashion and made some bad jokes. So no harm done.

There's a bit of a downside to doing your assignments at the last minute. You have to work for really long hours.
Sometimes, you get really absorbed in it and forget to eat.

You're supposed to eat at least every four hours during the day where possible, diabetic or not. Considering my small portion sizes I'm meant to eat more frequently.

Yep. I actually went low because I was so wrapped up in an assignment that I forgot to eat for 5 and a half hours. I can't begin to tell you just how much I love the uni life.


  1. Ah yes, the good old uni days...procrastinating for most of the day and then frantically pulling that assignment together at 10pm (well, that's what I remember anyway!)

  2. Day before! Thats solid effort. I used to start mine 1am the day it was due.

    Maybe you'll have to put alarms on your phone to eat when you're studying


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