DBlog Week Day 7: Continuing Connections

UPDATE: To spare continual spam on my personal Facebook I've made a blog page. Feel free to give it a like instead of dealing with my dodgy "follow" options that never work https://www.facebook.com/adiabeticsrollercoaster

Day Seven is here which is really sad. I've loved participating this year in blog week (as I have in other years) and once again want to thank the lovely Karen at bitersweetdiabetes.com for her efforts. I made more time this year to interact more with the community and it has been such a wonderful experience, so thank you!

Now, on to the post: "The very first inspiration for Diabetes Blog Week was to help connect our blogging community, and that continues to be the most important reason it's held every year.  So let's help foster and continue those connections as we wrap up another Dblog Week.  Share a link to a new blog you've found or a new friend you've made.  Or pick a random blog off of the Participant's List, check it out and share it with us.  Let's take some time today to make new friends."

There are SO many amazing blogs I've found and some I've already been following but want to acknowledge just the same:

Karen at bittersweetdiabetes.com: I think I started reading her blog before I started my own! Karen has such a wonderful outlook and isn't scared to jump right in to the hard topics. She's also a really lovely person. Thank you!

Kelly at diabetesaliciousness.blogspot.com: This was the very first blog that I read. I was 14, shortly post diagnosis and saw Kelly's first ever post on Halle Berry.  I was so on board with a good rant! Her posts are real and hilarious.

Ashleigh at justnormalash.blogspot.com: Excellent Harry Potter references. Enough said.

Now on to some new ones that are equally excellent!

Heather at jazzyted.blogspot.com: First off, Heather leaves really nice comments, thank you Heather! Her posts are so lovely to read. I hope you find time in your busy schedule to write a post or two after D Blog Week. If not, I'm looking forward to next year's contribution!

Laddie at testguessandgo.com: It took me a while to find the blog behind the comments but I'm very glad I did! Food that inspires me to make cooking fun and excellent posts that bring nothing but laughter. I'm still reading your blog weeks posts and they are brilliant. Congratulations on all you have achieved, and thanks for reminding me how incredible my mum is.

There are many, many more that I can put in here. I'm still going through all the blogs of the lovely commenters who have followed me this week as well as the other submissions. Everything I have read this week I have loved. I've enjoyed reading lots of comments, replying to lots of comments, making lots of comments and sharing lots of stories.

I haven't enjoyed having Jamie Oliver as my blog image when shared on Facebook so if anyone is a blogger tech guru and can tell me how to stop that then I will be eternally grateful.

I would like to take up regular-ish blogging but my schedule often doesn't allow it. However, I will continue to update (hopefully at least monthly) when I have more stories to share.

This is getting really long (as usual) but take a look at this:

That's just from this week (and not even counting today!) These aren't individual visits, but they mean that there are lots of people reading lots of my writing.
I'm Australian- my viewership location has just moved across the globe. My blog isn't enormous. My viewership is mainly my friends and family. I am blown away by the sheer number of people that have read my ramblings this week. From all over the globe there are people supporting me in this Type 1 rollercoaster.

I don't quite know what to say to that other than thank you. 


  1. Thanks for sharing these Bec - and great to find a fellow Aussie blogger. Glad to hear you've had a great dBlogWeek. Some great blog links there - there's a Pancreas Eulogy on the justnormalish blog which was hilarious!

    1. Thanks! Her post is fantastic isn't it :)
      I'm looking forward to checking out your blog, I see we have almost the same diagnosis date and year- coincidence much

    2. oh wow what a coincidence - you've been diabetic 4 days longer than me haha

  2. Nice meeting you this week and I have loved my daily jelly bean fix (or do you call them something different in Australia?). That was a lovely letter to your mum and I am honored to be mentioned in the same paragraph with her.

  3. Thank you! I've not listed yet today but guarantee yours is in there, I've shared a few of your lists with friends and family because they're so good. Hope to keep in touch x

  4. I've enjoyed reading your posts this week! Look forward to more! :)


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