DBlog Week Day 3: Clean it Out

Day Three already and the topic is Clean it Out: "Yesterday we kept stuff in, so today let's clear stuff out. What is in your diabetic closet that needs to be cleaned out?  This can be an actual physical belonging, or it can be something you're mentally or emotionally hanging on to.  Why are you keeping it and why do you need to get rid of it?”

No thought provoking writing today, just a bit of a confession. No one knows about this except my parents.

I’m a REALLY messy person.

It makes no sense when I like order, but no, I’m incredibly messy.
The state of my room reflects the state of my head- scattered.
I am told to clean my room on almost a daily basis, a tradition that has continued since primary school.
My poor mum is the exact opposite and it irritates her to no end.
It's shameful really.

I know, if you’ve been to my place you’re thinking “But Bec, your room is immaculate every time I've visited”
No dear friend, it’s all a lie.
There’s a reason I keep the wardrobe closed.

Let’s begin with the worst- my pump and fingerpicker supply stash.

That is a box full of the stuff hidden nicely under my skirts and pants.
Under that box is another box, also filled with (now slightly squashed) stuff.
Pump manuals, test strip containers, needle tips, pump supplies, and much more.
Basically, all the diabetes crap I've accumulated over 5 years.

Hey look- more pump supplies! These are a fresh order yet to be condemned to the wardrobe.
…. kinda ran out of room. Bec's logic? Sit them precariously on bags, they'll be right!

Mini coke cans for night time hypos. Because the floor is obviously the most convenient place for these.

Why do I keep all of this?
Well, the majority is useful. The general mess and empty boxes and jukeboxes however, are my messy critter ways. I also store things badly. Those boxes could be empty for all I know.

I'm fairly certain Diabetes NSW have me on their watch list, I may have once asked them to express post my supplies because I didn't realise I was so low on pump things. They gave me a lecture I definitely deserved.
Let's just say my parents weren't impressed when I let slip I had one set change left (cannula attachment that must be changed every 3 days. Without any I go back on needles until I get more). The new 3 month supply I bought was still in the post...

The downside of paying for your own supplies and keeping track all by myself is that there's no one else to blame when I run too low on stock.
Well not quite, Australia Post is a viable target.

Now on to the reasons I should clean my room/diabetes things:

- I will make my mum 10x happier
- I will find things quickly instead of sifting through piles of junk (batteries for fingerpickers and pumps are my downfall. Once they go in the box they’re never coming out).
- I will probably sleep better because clean room= clean mind.
- I will stop hurting myself by walking in to things.
- Did I mention my mum will be overjoyed?

Just to note, I’m not a messy house guest, I promise! I'm extra vigilant to keep the messiness contained. My mum has trained me well.

I worry for the day when I get my own place- it’ll be anarchy.
Think of all the test strips, there’s a small army living in my car already.

... Sorry mum.


  1. I loved this! Mine all lives in a plastic box at the top of our staircase. We bought the box to sort stuff into for going in the loft and I've kind of commandeered it as my own 😂 I'm also a nightmare for leaving stuff where I used it. Last night I couldn't find my quickset inserter then realised I'd put it in the laundry room with the dirty washing. At least I didn't wash it though!

    1. (Might give you a laugh, I had to google "loft"-couldn't remember which part of the house it was)
      I'm glad I'm not alone!!
      Love the quickset story, that's a gem. Glad it didn't end up in the wash though :)

  2. Making mums happy is a worthy goal....

    1. Absolutely :) Clean-up begins tomorrow!

  3. I keep juice boxes on the floor by the bed just like your coke cans. Why hide them? If there's a low emergency, I should be able to plop myself down on the floor and drink them, right? This post made me smile :D

    1. I'm glad it made you smile :) I figure, when low, the floor is the first place I would go anyway!

  4. Love the honesty in this! Brilliant :)

    1. Thanks! It has inspired me to clean up a tad and find a home for my new pump supplies :)

  5. Haha, yes! I think I have a small army of test strips in my car as well :-P

    1. Oh good, I'm not the only one! My mechanic is a t1 as well so at least I'm not questioned about the rogue strips on the floor...


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