To My Dad

Dear Dad,

You're a wal, but you're my wal :)

Whilst you may fit almost every category in the stereotypical Australian image and make a great example in demonstrating Australian culture in my society and culture classes, there's a lot more to you than surf, bbq's and NRL (although with that Manly obsession I've got to wonder sometimes!).

You're smart, smarter than you give yourself credit for. You've taught me a lot, not just things like maths and driving but also how to communicate with other people and learn to take initiative. You're funny, always making me laugh when I need it most. Plus you give great hugs- but I think that's a pre-requisite of being a dad.

For my diabetes, you're amazing. You wake me every night (even if you fall asleep you come in later on) to check my blood sugar. You get up out of bed at 3am to come and wake me up to check again if I need it, even in the middle of winter in the freezing cold. You do my set changes if I can't bring myself to inject them, doing it because it's necessary even though you hate the idea of hurting me. You bring my hypo food if I can't get up, sit up with me if my blood sugar is having an issue and comfort me when I'm feeling down. You're always in the background whenever I deal with my diabetes, offering help and support if I need it, but allowing me to manage it myself.

Despite your dad jokes, manly obsession and wal-ism, you're the best dad I could ask for. You can be calming and funny, but step up and be serious and protective when it's needed. I love you very much, and I hope you have a brilliant father's day!

*note: to any of my readers, the word 'wal' is an inside joke/pet name of sorts... even we aren't sure how it carried on for the past 16 years or so...


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