The High Blood Sugar Whinge

This post was supposed to be a rant to end all rants, however, I'm too tired for that and will write it on Sunday.

For now, this is what diabetes is like on a bad day. I'm sick, I'm tired, my diabetes educator won't get back to me and my blood sugars are wreaking havoc.

For the past few weeks as you can see in one of my last posts I've had some diabetes drama. High blood sugars all the time kind of drama. Yesterday really was a diabetes rollercoaster, my levels starting moderately high in the morning, crashing down in the afternoon and going all the way up to 21 by night (guess who got up at 3am again). I've talked about how lows feel before, but high blood sugars are terrible.
- You're tired
- You're thirsty
- You feel really sick
- Energy? What is energy?
- Pins and needles
- Dizziness
- You blog about how crappy high blood sugars are to distract yourself from the crappy high blood sugars
- As shown above, you lose all logical thought

I'm not sugarcoating it (ha pun), I feel dreadful. I found out my blood sugar meter is out of wack, telling me my levels are LOWER than what the actually are. So I've switched to my noisy old meter which gives an accurate (I think...) reading. Plus, I need help adjusting my insulin rates, but my educator is no where to be found and I'm stuck with these levels and being sick until they're fixed.

Diabetes sucks sometimes.... I want my cat...

/whinge over/

UPDATE: My lovely educator got back to me (not her fault she couldn't, high blood sugars also make you impatient). We're working on getting these levels down with some radical insulin changes. Obviously I'm still feeling dreadful but my level has already dropped in the last hour thanks to the changes. Normal blood sugar and the end of my hypo fears here I come! :)


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