Life beyond diabetes

If you manage to follow this, well done.

My list of scary yet exciting things that I have to think about:

- Moving on to a new hospital setting. At 18 you change from the Children's Hospital to the regular no more holding your hand through diabetes adult version.

- I have to learn how to adjust the settings on my pump, because no one will help me once I change hospital (there's a lot of math and it freaks me out)

- New uni choices. This one is massive! In the past few weeks I've decided on a new back up university, which is a 2 hour drive away from where I currently live. This will mean spending at least four days a week at my grandparents place and taking the hour drive from there to uni every day. This has my head spinning as whilst I'm excited about it, it could wreak havoc on the blood sugar levels from all the stress and the driving and the new place with the new people that I don't know and maybe they won't share my Harry Potter obsession and even if they did I couldn't see them often because I'd be traveling up and down the coast constantly and maybe they won't like me because I've grown up in a totally different environment and don't share the same interests or surf culture and I probably wouldn't fit in very well and I'll be tired all the time from the driving and the uni *hyperventilates*

-The big old HSC which is looming. Graduation is in 42 days (teehee Hitchhikers reference)... yikes. I don't really want to think about that, I'm not ready for high school to end yet

- I need to get my P's, like soon considering I'm driving my friends down the coast for our holiday early next year, and if this whole uni backup turns out to be my uni offer then I have to have my license, or live alone... far away.... with no friends... I probably can't even have a cat in an apartment*sigh*

Can I just stay in high school forever? Please?


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