To my mum

Dear Mum,

If you’re reading this, welcome to my blog! :)

I don’t really say it often enough, you are the most fantastic mother imaginable. You couldn’t find a more caring, kind-hearted, intelligent, hilarious person. Your strength is something I’ve always looked up to, and I hope that one day I’ll be able to be as strong as you. You can be tough as nails, but only with good cause. I look up to you immensely for your ability to stand up for yourself and your intelligence. You take such good care of everyone around you with your sweet and caring nature.
My diabetes was something you found difficult to come to terms with, but you managed it. 

Sometimes I wonder whether I’m the lucky one, being the mother of a diabetic is a difficult title to have but you manage it so well. You got past your anger, sadness, confusion, self-blame and needle phobia (good thing I didn’t inherit that one!!) to help me as much as possible with my diabetes. From yelling out the carbohydrate contents of my food to helping me put in an insulin pump set when I just can’t do it, you’ve always been amazing, every little thing you do for my diabetes is keeping me alive.

You’ve taught me so much, to look on the bright side, to believe in myself and most importantly, to laugh. Laughter when you’re faced with chronic illness is so important, because if you can’t laugh at it and if you can’t laugh at yourself then you’re taking things far too seriously! 

I’m so very lucky to have you as my mum, and I hope you know how much I love and value you. People often compare us, saying I look, sound and act just like you. I may laugh it off, but there really is no higher compliment.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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