A day in the life

3am- Check my blood sugar if it was drastically out of range (8-12 mmol/L) at 10.30pm. If it’s low it’s time for Nesquik or fruit juice, if it’s high, more blood sugar testing for ketones and water
5.45- Wake up for school, check blood sugar if there were overnight issues
6.30- Check blood sugar and have breakfast, entering my blood sugar level into my insulin pump and calculating the number of carbohydrates I’ll be eating, injecting the insulin as required. Check my pump for battery life and insulin amounts.
7- Leave the house to catch my bus making sure I’ve packed all of my diabetes supplies (testing kits, sugary foods and drinks, back up pump supplies, batteries, back up insulin pens for emergency injections etc.)
8.30- Check my blood sugar at school to see if I need to eat again before class
9- School begins
10.30- Check blood sugar and repeat the breakfast routine.
12.30pm- Check blood sugar and have more insulin if required
1.30- Check blood sugar and repeat meal time routine
3.30- Check blood sugar on the way home from school
4- Check blood sugar and repeat meal time routine. Get a start on homework.
4.30- If it’s been three days since the last change, remove insulin pump cannula and inject a new one
6- Check blood sugar and repeat meal time routine
9- Put away everything for the night, check blood sugar and sleep
10.30- Wake up again to check blood sugar. If out of range, it’s time to wake up at 3 again!
And if you’re a good diabetic you change your finger pricker lancet (the little needle used to check blood sugar levels) after 12 uses. So that’s once a day.
(It’s probably been three months)
…… Bad diabetic, bad!

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