10 things to never say to a type 1 diabetic

so now I'm one of THOSE bloggers, you know the ones 'I'll update on Thursday'
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Unfortunately, I'm doing this little thing called the HSC and it's successfully eating my life. However with my chemistry exam over and done with I have a little time (who am I kidding, this is purely procrastination in order to avoid studying English).

Sure, I don’t expect everyone on the face of the Earth to know about Type 1 diabetes, but sometimes people come out with the most ridiculous and insulting things that it makes me wonder, where the heck did they get THAT from?!  For now, here’s the top 10 list of the most ridiculous, not to mention common,  things people have said to me after I've uttered the words ‘I’m a type 1 diabetic.’

10) Oh you’re a diabetic? My grandmother/aunt/grandfather/uncle died from that… oh… sorry.
9) You know you can cure that? Good diet and exercise does the trick, that’s been cured for years!
8) Oh really? Is it the bad one?
7) You have injections? I could never do that, I’d just die!
6) But, you’re too skinny to be a diabetic!
5) So I guess you’ll never eat sugar again huh.
4) Ew, BLOOD! Is that a NEEDLE!?!
3) You’re too old to have type 1, don’t you mean type 2?
2) Haha, I guess you ate too much sugar then!
And because no one says it better than Miss X:

1) Well, I believe you, but thousands wouldn’t


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