Sometimes diabetes sucks

So I've had a shocker of a day, thanks to a mishap in one of my exams.

This time, it wasn't because of a high or low blood sugar, but because of a lack of communication, issues with diabetic provisions for exams
and quite frankly, sheer stupidity.

I'm not going into the ins and outs of the situation, but there's going to be a lot of paperwork :P

It's times like this where I think how much easier everything would be if I didn't have diabetes. All of the hassle and the bother the school has to go do, plus double the bother I have to deal with when they get things wrong is insane. It's almost like you're a burden on the school, it's all too hard. It'd be nice to have something easy, to be a normal student sitting a normal exam with normal teen pressures during the hsc.

But enough of the whinging, diabetes has given me a lot (maybe not quite a much as it has taken) but still, I'm a better person. 

But like any normal person, I'm entitled to a low blood sugar fueled whinge sometimes :)

Back to eating jellybeans it is!!


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