Rant alert: Type 2 Blame

I am a part of multiple diabetes groups, and I’ve touched on this issue before.
There is a huge amount of blame on type 2s from all sorts of places, the media, the general public, even some health professionals.

But the worst I have seen has come from the type 1 community, and that disgusts me.

Let me break down the point of view* that is thrown about all the time:
“I’m a type 1 diabetic and no one really knows the difference between type 1 and 2. I get really annoyed about this because type 2 is a disease people bring on themselves. They can cure theirs as well, but I can’t. I got type 1 for no reason and I can never cure it. I can’t take tablets for it but they can. They get all the research, funding and media coverage so everyone knows about their condition, but what about mine? That’s not fair!
Why would someone bring diabetes onto themselves? It’s not that hard to eat well. They shouldn’t complain, it’s their fault anyway.”

This is NOT my point of view might I add, but I can see why it happens.

Yes, type 2 is most often reported in the media, and yes, far less people know about type 1 than they do about type 2.
But that’s the only accurate thing you’ve got.

90% of diabetics are type 2, so it’s little wonder that more research, funding and assistance is available for that. Unfortunately it’s a numbers game, the more patients the more money.

Of type 2 diabetics, 40% of cases are not preventable.
40% of those people you’re saying brought it on themselves, DIDN’T BRING IT ON THEMSELVES.
Type 2 diabetes has a huge genetic component, as well as some risk factors that have nothing to do with your weight. Yes, 60% of cases are preventable, but that is close to an even split.

Type 2s are sometimes able to manage their condition with tablets and diet/exercise modification, but not all. Eventually (and sometimes not by their own doing!) type 2s may also have to take insulin injections.

Type 2, like type 1, does not have a cure.

I know it’s frustrating having a condition that you didn’t cause. I know that people assume it’s your fault. But don’t you dare point the finger at a group who has a large proportion that didn’t bring it on themselves either.

The amount of stigma around diabetes is high, but when you say you have type 2? I can’t even imagine the rude comments you would receive. And even if their type 2 was brought on by poor lifestyle- you have no right to judge that person. How would you feel if someone told you that your illness was all your fault? Does that make you feel better?
Does that make you want to tell people about it?
Does that make you want to manage it?

No. No, it doesn’t.

You wouldn’t go up to someone with lung cancer and tell them how it’s all their fault would you?
Even if they were a smoker.

Didn’t think so.

Please, don’t fall into this trap. I know it’s enticing to lay all that negative media stereotypes on someone. I know it feels justified.

But it’s not. The only people we can blame for that stereotype is the media.

Back off.

*comment is absolutely not my point of view but a summary of posts I've read online today.


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