Diabetes Bitch Week

aka, the week Bec went back to uni and her diabetes threw a hissy fit.
I’ve had a week of having at least one hypo a day.

That’s just way too many and now I can’t feel them very much.

This week I have:
- stumbled around like an idiot
- almost driven a car low
- cried in a lecture because my brain wasn’t getting sugar and thought it was ok for my eyes to leak (talk about embarrassing)
- sat confused in a lecture wondering why I was crying
- frantically emailed my specialist way too much
- sworn at my blood sugar meter (…. quite often)
- had way too much fruit juice
- had a cold that won’t go away and I think it’s because I’m drained from the hypos
- stumbled around half asleep
- spent yesterday pissed off because I’d woken up perfectly happy and then couldn’t do a damn thing all day because I was exhausted from hypo that happened as I walked into uni

And genuinely concerned everyone around me.

Sometimes your insulin needs just randomly change. For months I was way too high, but now I’ve got better control it’s like I’m way more sensitive to insulin.

Well, it’s either that, or my uni is cursed.

So now I’m trying to work with my endocrinologist to get the insulin balance right again.

In the mean time, I’m sorry if I start sobbing for no reason, yell at you, tiredly walk into you, or whinge about my blood sugar.

I’m bloody tired of this diabetes bitch fit.


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