Bec:100 - Betes:0

I had a few days in the past weeks where I've had shocking blood sugars (mostly very low) and wondered "why is it that no matter how hard I try this stupid illness never lets me win."
That's not a great way of thinking and can sort of pull you into a bit of burnout.

But today, I won.

Today, my HbA1c which is the three month average blood sugar was 6.3%.
Anything below 7% is fabulous and I haven't been down under 7 in a long while.

I still have a long way to go with my diet and weight (before anyone freaks out I mean GAINING not losing!) but I'm well on the way.

It took a new endocrinologist, almost weekly emails (poor endo...), stricter management, better eating, starting an exercise routine and a new insulin pump to get this down- but it was so worth it.

Basically, the lower your A1c, the better (well to an extent, too low and you're having a hypo hell week all month, but I digress). An a1c like this is fantastic because it hugely reduces my risk of diabetic complications.

Yes, they could be a long long time away but I want to do anything I can to make sure I never end up there.

It may take a while, weeks, months or even years to lower an A1c. Or for you non-diabetic folk, to reach a target.

But this is proof to me that I can do it- and so can you!


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