D Blog Week- Day 2

I'm no poet, so I'll take the wildcard today!

"This continues to be one of the most popular DBlogWeek topics, so let’s have another crack at it! Tell us what your fantasy diabetes device would be? Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, or anything else you can think of. The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?"

Well of the sky is the limit I say: ALL OF THEM IN ONE THING.

My diabetes dream machine...     
It would be a pump, that can check your blood sugar without a finger poke. You would be able to scan food items so that it automatically knows the required carbs.
My dream machine would adjust its insulin rate automatocally based on your requirements- no adjustments required. 
Set changes would be a thing of the past, this pump would stick on and communicate with an implanted receptor on the pancreas. It's like bluetooth in your body.
But that's the boring stuff.

The dream machine will be a light control- like the deluminator in harry potter. It's also a universal remote, so I can mess with your lights and tv whenever I like. Did I mention it's a wifi hotspot? Wifi. Everywhere.

You're bored? Well the dream machine is also a phone and ebook reader. These features will allow the diabetic to adopt the hermit lifestyle.

Finally, in a bid to dispell misconceptions, the pump will alarm and spray silly string onto anyone that says a diabetes myth with ill intent. Added bonus of an electric zap if they say "you're diabetic, you can't eat that!"              

In conclusion, the diabetic dream machine will be the next world leading item that makes your non betic friends jealous. It's also much cooler than a pancreas. 


  1. Sign me up for this pump - I want it!!! WiFi and an electric zap? Yes please!

    1. Artificial pancreas' are overrated, this pump would be so much better! :)

  2. Ah I wish I could just scan food and the machine tells me how many carbs are in something, especially when going out to eat! Great idea!

    1. I think that it could be possible, I mean if you can scan a shopping list onto your phone, why not carb content based on qr codes and pictures? :)

  3. I want that just because it zaps people....awesome!!! Unfortunately the battery would die fast from zapping people so much


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