4th Diaversary and 1st Blog-aversary

4 years ago I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes... And wow that went fast!
In type 1 terms, I'm still a newbie really, most of my diabetic friends have had it for over 10 years.
People think it's a bit weird that I remember the day I was diagnosed, and no, I don't get presents and cake (but hey if anyone wants to buy me food I'll take it ;) ). I don't think of it as the day my old life was snatched away, but as the day it was saved (quite literally!). It reminds me that I've managed my diabetes so well that I'm alive- something that wasn't possible all that long ago. I did some maths (yes, I'm shocked too!)

Loosely speaking:
- I've been type 1 for 1461 days
- I've done around 11700 fingerprick tests
- 1004 insulin injections with pens
- 400 set changes
- and had more low blood sugars than I care to remember

I also began this blog around a year ago (give or take a few days) amd it's unbelievable how it somehow managed to take off and get well over 3,000 views!

Besides being an official human pin cushion, I've also:
- Been on a diabetic camp, during which I rode the tallest ride in the southern hemisphere
- Altered my hair style and colour way too much
- Found the joys of a hair straightener
- Abused nail polish as a stress reliever (anyone ever notice I have perfect nails around exam time?)
- Been the last year to complete my school certificate
- Fought for exam provisions
- Learnt to drive
- Saw a live band
- Taught piano
- Watched all 11 seasons of MASH during my hsc year..... How I passed is beyond me
- Fought for exam provisions AGAIN.
- Completed my HSC
- Got marks I never imagined myself receiving in that HSC
- Danced all night in heels and regretted in for a week
- Repeated that action 2 weeks later anyway
- Turned 18
- Saw another live band
- Realised the atar system is stupid and am kicking myself for being so terrified of it
- Got into my chosen course
- Got a distinction in my first exam
- Embarrased myself in front of a lecturer (repeatedly)
- Got lost on campus
- Got lost in the inner city more times than I care to remember.... It's dark!
- Become reliant on google maps to get me anywhere
- Did a lot of running for buses and trains
- Booked a Ps test
- Gotten some awesome blogging opportunities
- Written a blog post to procrastinate, my entire blog is built on procrastination and this is no exception

So you see,  I've done much more than sit around and be a pin cushion :)  4 years well spent if you ask me. Thanks for following my blog as it turns 1 next week!


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