Reasons why my diabetes doesn't want me to be an SP

My diabetes has had a 3 year vendetta raging against getting a tertiary education. It doesn't want it. It doesn't want to be a Speech Pathologist at all.

Reasons why my diabetes doesn't want me to be a Speech Pathologist:

1) Every single time I have a clinic session, it pulls out a low.
I have to set temp rates (lowering my background insulin dose) and eat before every session because I know it won't hold out.

2) It strikes when I'm trying to do my session plans. They're essential parts of clinic and compulsory with a strict deadline each week. My sugar sabotages this by going low and making me exhausted. Not conducive to session planning at all.

3) It likes to give me a reputation as completely unstable. My first lecture of second year involved me sitting in the front row sobbing because I was having one of those emotional lows. The kind where I was confused as to why my eyes were "leaking". That poor lecturer was great, too bad it looked like I was sobbing in response to her opening presentation.

4) I start every semester just like I did today:
<4= hypo/low sugar
2.9= waking up with your brain acting like it's drunk

Graduation is going to be a blast! $50 says I hypo when they hand me my degree.


  1. Being an SP is no pick nick. I admire your effort.

    I referred your blog to the blog page for the week of July 25, 2016.

  2. Keep at it Bec. Diabetes doesn't like anyone to do anything with their lives. It's entire purpose was to try to kill us except we invented insulin. Even at my office job I have doesn't even like people to sit on their butts all day either.


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