2 Years Ago

I was interviewed almost exactly 2 years ago for this video with Trapeze as I'm a Youth Representative. Tonight's OzDOC twitter discussion focused on healthcare services and it reminded me of the hoops we jump through to access quality health care. It reminded me how much has changed regarding my healthcare management, plus my life in general.

So now I'm in my third year of speech, I don't lisp any more thanks to my speechie, I'm 20 and I put that insulin pump (Dobby) through an x-ray shortly after this was filmed.

I remember at this point in my life being very frustrated with the healthcare system. During this interview I had just been referred to a new endocrinologist and had my first session. It didn't go very well as you can probably tell by the video. I felt a bit lost in the system at the worst possible time. I had just finished my first semester of uni, I had all of these expectations heaped on me and I felt ready for none of it. I remember being afraid of how much responsibility I had to take on regarding my health. I was learning how unhelpful most government departments were.

I look at this video and see a girl who had no idea how the system worked. I was someone who hoped that everyone wanted to help and that procedures would be in place to get me through this time period. There were some, I had Trapeze! But I never expected to have so little support and so many issues from government agencies. I never expected I would have to enter the private health care system to receive the treatment I needed. It shouldn't be like that.

The public system is underfunded and understaffed. I don't blame the health care professionals for that at all. I think they work incredibly hard with what they're given, and they have my gratitude. But unfortunately my experience was that someone like me slips under the radar a bit because I'm not a priority. I'm an over-manager, not under. There wasn't much support for that, nor was there a relationship between my specialist and I that was facilitative. I felt directed sometimes because my specialist's time was so limited. Now that I've entered the private sector since this video I'm receiving that care I need. I'm very focused, controlling and persistent. I need an endo who can work with that and support me. I found one, just not where I expected.

Is my health care experience perfect now? No. But it works for me and I get a lot of support. I hope that seeing young people's experiences with this system is a wake up call for government agencies and funding bodies. Teenagers shouldn't be left to navigate this system alone, that's what Trapeze is for. But the system shouldn't be so messy in the first place. I'm not sure what I can do about that, but I know that as a future health care professional I will ensure that my clients direct their treatment and that they feel their voice is heard.


  1. It is hard to find where you fit in the system, and how to make it work for you. Glad you found an endo you fit with :)


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