National Diabetes Awareness Week

It’s National Diabetes Awareness Week here in Australia.

I had absolutely no idea.
That’s a worry when even the diabetics don’t know…
Hope someone sends CrossFit a memo.

Apparently, in Australia, there’s 120,000 Type 1 Diabetics. That sounds like a large amount, but considering the population is something like 22 or 23 million, it’s a tiny percentage. Diabetes as a whole however (including type 2 which makes up ~90% of diagnoses) is highly prevalent.

The media seems to be focusing on Type 2, which is fine because it’s way more common and sometimes you can actually do something to prevent it. But they don’t differentiate between Type 1 and 2.
They’ve released this scary video:

Uplifting right?

These complications also happen to Type 1s if blood sugars are very erratic for very long periods of time. But I think they’re just here for a scare tactic. I hope another video is released that actually teaches something.

In the meantime, have some facts:

- T1 is caused by genetics and an environmental trigger like a virus
- However you can have T1 with no family history of T1. Usually there's some history of thyroid disorders and/or coeliac (Like me! Guess who’s started a trend...)
- T1 can be diagnosed at any age
- T1 does not turn into T2
- If a T2 starts injections, they have not become a T1. They still have T2
- There is no “bad type” of diabetes. They both suck in different ways

and finally
- Yes, I can eat that.

To raise funds for JDRF (the group that fund research for a Type 1 cure) I’m walking in the JDRF One Walk (previously known as The Walk to Cure Diabetes). Any donation over $2 is tax deductible and all donations go directly to JDRF.
Please check out my page if you get a chance, or make one for yourself and join the walk!



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