Cross Fit Update

Yesterday I wrote a post about Cross Fit's twitter page.
Today I want to add a second part.

Like many others, Cross Fit associated coke and diabetes.
And you know what? There is a connection.                            

Cans of coke saved my life last night.

Around 20min after writing that post I tested my level and was 2.9. I'd already been low earlier in the day and this one felt bad. I had 4 hypo tablets (16g carbs) and waited.

I became increasingly light headed and had some coke (21g carbs).

At this point I waited 15min and tested again.

Add another can of coke, stacks of jellybeans, juice boxes, hypo tablets and lots of crying.

I treated it so much because I couldn't get it up much higher for an hour. Whenever it came up it crashed back down.

Luckily I was at home and both my parents were consoling me that if I were to pass out they'd be there. I got to the point where I was crying because I couldn't drink anymore. My poor mum was trying to reason with me that if I don't drink more then they'll have to use the glucagon should my level keep falling.

Lucky for me it went up. What followed was 2hr checks all night. I ended up hitting 18 at one point (seems all that sugar was a bit delayed) but it came down.    

Cross Fit, I had what I estimate to be 100 grams of carbs- made up of a whole lot of coke (for reference you're meant to have 15 grams for a low).

So well done you. By associating coke with diabetes, now we run the risk of people thinking that they shouldn't give us coke.                    

Lack of awareness is dangerous. Learn from this.



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