Social media- I shake my head in despair

I'm a bit delayed, but I found out about this lovely incident this morning. A cafe decided that they would name a cronut on their menu diabetes. In short, the internet exploded.
They issued an apology, and have taken it off the menu- I have no issue.

But I have a HUGE issue with the comments section on their facebook page. Many are commenting that the people complaining
- don't have a sense of humour
- are oversensitive
- need to get over it

One comment even linked diabetics with cheap toys- poorly made, weak,  and fragile.    

*deep breath*
Im breaking out a list

1) Oversensitive? Right, ok. So if it's ok to call a dish diabetes, it's ok to call one renal failure? Stroke? What about cancer? They are equally inappropriate names.

2) "Oh get a sense of humour". I like to laugh about my diabetes, I encourage everyone to do the same! But misinformation isn't funny, it's ignorance. By putting out a dish clearly swamped in sugary treats and calling it diabetes, you're linking eating sugar and a chronic illness. For the last time, type 1 isn't linked to sugar consumption and type 2 has genetic components. Your joke isn't funny if it's fundamentally flawed.

3) "Get over it". Yes I was over it until I saw people attacking diabetics. We are not weak, fragile, over indulgent and oversensitive idiots.

Am I feeding the trolls? Probably.
For every few trolls there is one serious commenter thinking taking in the wrong message about diabetes, and diabetics.

It's as simple as this- get your facts straight and don't call someone weak for promoting accurate information.


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