Low Sugar Brain Adventures

Low blood sugars make you do stupid things.
Stupid, dangerous, scary things.
I must have had a whole lot of luck on my side today because this could have turned nasty.

I was walking back to redfern station when my blood sugar dropped. I didn't notice it and took a wrong turn.... and so the saga begins.

I finally stopped to check it, but there was no where to sit.
Stupid low mistake #1: Crouch down and check it in a shifty looking side street.
My shifty side street was near a shop, so I suppose low error 1 wasn't too bad.

It was then I realised I was going the wrong way.
Stupid low mistake #2: Walk back and forth past the same guy on a corner, showing that you're evidently lost.

So I managed to head the right way, which brings me to this.
Stupid low mistake #3: Keep walking when low, AND walk through a shifty looking side street.

I quickly walked through and encountered two women nearby, so I asked which was it was to Redfern station. "Oh it's just up the hill!"
Stupid low mistake #4: Going up the hill.

Little did I know that this was the most stupid one, and that I had happened to find the most dangerous street in Redfern. Alone. Low. Clearly lost. This really isn't the street for someone like me to being going anywhere near.

*facepalm* Did I mention my ridiculous luck at nothing going wrong?

So luckily for me I was followed by a police car up the road and up across from the station. Whether this was a) to make sure I got up there ok, b) because I looked vaguely drunk and disoriented or c) all of the above I am much appreciative.

Then followed an awkward train ride where people kept staring at me because I was all pale, sweaty and wide eyed.

Moral of the story? If you're going low, stay where you are. If you see someone looking disoriented, slightly terrified and in a dangerous place, maybe offer some safer directions?
And last of all, low blood sugar brain is bad. It will get you into trouble you hadn't even dreamt of.


  1. I think high blood sugar level also make Type 2 Diabetics do a lot of crazy thing. :D I'm Type 2. Nice post.

    1. Oh definitiely- high sugar brain is fun as well
      It's lovely to have a type 2 reading- thanks for the input and feedback :)


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