It dawned on me that sometimes I glaze over aspects of diabetes,  making it seem like no big deal. Probably because pity irritates me. So here's the honest answers to some common questions

Does it hurt when you prick your finger?

Yes. Usually barely and only for a second, but yes it does. Sometimes it hurts for a while. Sometimes it doesn't stop bleeding and you leave a blood trail on the keys during your piano lesson.

Does it hurt when you change your pump set/ inject it into your stomach?

9 times out of 10 yes. Again, it's only for a short while but when it hits a muscle you know it! Like the fingerpricks, it can vary. Sometimes you can't even feel it, other times you're left crying because it hurts so terribly. Worst case scenario you have to take it out and inject another one.... fun

You're luck you're used to needles- you must find vaccinations easy!

I was needle phobic when I was a kid, and I can't say I find vaccinations much fun. But to an extent this is true, I'm not frightened by them- but it doesn't mean they don't hurt any less!

Is your diabetes hard to deal with? How do you cope?

Like anything, sometimes is sucks. A lot. I'm forever doing a balancing act of blood sugars which isn't much fun. Sometimes I can't win and feel dreadful, but they make the little victories that much better.
I cope in my own way- everyone's is different. I like to view it as character building, and talk about it openly. I like to find the humour in it and laugh aboutmy circumstances. When diagnosed I was heavily in denial. A lot of that time is a blur but I vividly remember the day I accepted it. I walked in to see my mum and broke down, it was the first and only time I felt absolutely sorry for myself. I spent that hour crying and getting angry that it had happened to me. Out of all people why did it have to be ME? I think at the time that was a normal response, but it is absolutely not how I think now. I'm not going to spend my time crying and yelling about how life isn't fair, when I'm a lot luckier than many people. If diabetes is my largest burden throughout life then I've gotten off easy.

So yes, needles hurt me. And no, I didn't cope well with my diagnosis.
But if you ask me these things I'll probably answer the way I handle it now
"You get used to it, it's made me a stronger person"
True, but it's time I acknowledge that being a type 1 is hard- but it's an obstacle I can work with.


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