This blog post is a write off

I'm tired
I studied for seven hours today
There is construction work going on
I'm hungry
It's dark in my room
and blogging is just not going to happen

So today I give you dot points:

- I had a hypo (YAY, fear over!) which wasn't easy considering you have false hypo's when your level has been high, ie. you feel like you're low at around 10mmol/L, when really you're not low until under 4mmol/L... and there's nothing you can do about it
- The HSC is getting ridiculous and I can't wait until it's over, these last 80 days or so of high school could not go quicker

This diabetic is sleepy, brain dead and possibly low. But like a dedicated blogger, I post on Mondays... I always post on Mondays



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