Diabetes Perks

A lot of people take things way too seriously, and I'm pretty guilty of that myself at times! Diabetes is something that's serious, and whilst it's important to stress it's life threatening nature, it's also essential to step back and laugh at everything surrounding it. So carrying with the theme of looking on the bright side of diabetes, here's a list of 'diabetes perks'

- Mandatory lunch breaks
- People hold your stuff
- Putting wagers on what my blood sugar will be
- People's faces when they offer you food and it dawns on them you're diabetic (note I refuse the food not because I'm diabetic but because I'm gluten and lactose intolerant... yay me :) )
- Insulin junkie jokes
- Freaking out members of the general public by saying loudly 'I'm high'
- Getting out of sport... you know, just in case you drop low (I swear I only did that once, I promise it was legitimate)
- Scaring your friends with dark humour in relation to diabetes for your own amusement
- Naming your insulin pump
- Waiting to see how long it will take before someone asks what your pump is
- Watching people staring at the pump
- Watching people staring at you checking your level, looking embarrassed when you catch them
- Free food when you're low

and finally, the fact that I'm a gluten and lactose intolerant, asthmatic, short sighted, highly strung type 1 diabetic who takes things way too seriously :)


  1. Don't forget having black jellybeans in your hypo kit for your friends to eat ;)


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