The Yoga Class

I walked into a local yoga studio with some apprehension. Would I still be able to "do" yoga? What if the other students were judging how stiff I am, despite being the youngest person in the room?

"Leave your bags in the desk over here".

The desk is on the other side of the room. What if I go low and have to walk across the room to get my things mid practice?

I lay my mat on the floor in my allocated spot at the front. Naturally I've put it down the wrong way.

"Ah, nerves" the instructor said with a smile.
"That obvious huh?"

I ease into the practice and slowly get used to the instructor adjusting every one of my postures.

"Are you a dancer?"
I don't quite know whether to be proud or offended as she studies my foot position. Don't dancers have notoriously dreadful feet?
"For a while. I took up tap dancing again a few years back"
"I knew it" she laughs, moving my foot inward from its turnout position.

The practice was winding down when I heard the descending 5 beeps of my pump. It had suspended to prevent a low blood sugar.

"Lay down, put your feet up high on the wall in front of you"

Terrific, I'm going low whilst upside down.

"Focus on your breathing. Gently bring your mind back to your practice"

Am I low yet? I feel a bit shaky. No, stop. My pump would go off again if I was actually low.

"You can relax. We are still here, in this room and I want you to focus on nothing else but your breath. You have nothing to think about right now"

Sure. Breathing, and also the impending doom of a hypo whilst I'm sitting here upside down.
But no worries. It's fine.

I guess I'm not at the brain quiet stage of yoga mastery yet. I'm going weekly so I'll keep you posted!


  1. I took a yoga class once. You lasted longer than I did. She said downward dog and I fell over on the mat. I did not even feel low. Yeah first and last.

  2. Hahahaha "Terrific, I'm going low whilst upside down." such a diabetes thought!!!! always going low at inopportune moments.

    Hope you enjoyed the class anyway.

  3. yay you went to a yoga class!!!

  4. Yoga is the major part of our life as yoga keeps are mind and soul in peace and make our health perfect.Thank you for your experience.


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