2017- Part 2

Long time no blog! December is always a busy time of year but I wanted to take a minute to stop and think about the year. I don't take much notice of specific New Year's Resolutions because I think we set them so high that we inevitably don't meet them. I know I won't drink 8 cups of water every day or exercise every day or weigh every gram of carbs I eat. So instead I like to look back and see what I did manage this year. I made a post at the beginning of the year, so I thought it would be nice to reflect.

I started the year with a camping trip, which at the time was a huge deal because it involved exercise. Exercise meant low blood sugars, so I was really afraid of that. I hadn't started my CGM (continuous blood sugar sensor) yet but managed to do some long walks... not to mention go on an aqua trike.

Then I got my CGM! It was a 21st birthday present and I hated it for a good month or two. Constant errors and failed sensors made it a burden. But now I would struggle without it. This year I have had to worry far less about missing hypos.

So with my new found confidence I went to Tasmania, stayed in some convict bunks and hiked up a mountain. The obvious choice, right?

Somewhere in the middle I went to Gerringong for a short getaway. Minor almost drowning incident aside, that was pretty great too.

Came home to find out I'd been allocated an external placement in regional NSW.

It would be my first time living alone and in a place I'd never been. That was a low point for me and I failed that placement, which extended my degree. For a while it was the worst feeling in the world. I thought I couldn't ever finish the degree or be a speech pathologist. I thought I was a failure.

Turns out I was wrong, because I smashed the next placement soon after.

I had my last ever university clinic placement during second semester and got to mentor a wonderful second year student. Definitely the highlight of the degree and I am so proud of everything she achieved.

But during all those lovely things there were some harder times too. My nan passed away suddenly in the first week of second semester. Christmas was different without her this year. I miss her.

We also moved out of Sydney! I had never moved house before so that was a big deal. We're finally box free and settled in to our new home. It's pretty great.

Diabetes wise, it's travelling along okay. Not good. Not awful. Just okay. And I think I'm okay with that right now. I've made some big steps this year in managing my health in all areas but it's an ongoing thing.

So here we are! I've just turned 22, received my final placement allocation for early next year and leaving for a holiday in New Zealand with one of my best friends in the coming weeks. I couldn't have predicted any of this at the start of the year. It's been the most unexpected series of events, but it turned out okay.

I keep a daily journal and the first entry is a very happy one. I'm ending the year happy, and that's the best bit of all.


  1. Busy year for you Bec! I'm sorry to hear about your nan - it does make those holidays a bit harder without our loved ones.

    Wishing you a great 2018 (and yes I know its February now. sshhhhh)


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