7 years

Diaversary: the anniversary of one's diabetes diagnosis.

They're a bit weird. I like to celebrate them by doing something small, like going out for lunch. Some people can't stand them and don't think there's any cause for celebration.

Today was my 7th diaversary suitably celebrated by having a lunch of frozen yoghurt with a close friend, leading to this beautiful number:
19.8... but oh so worth it.
I like to acknowledge my diagnosis date because I see it more as a little victory. I could sit back and say a third of my life has now been with t1. I could moan about it being garbage and annoying and mildly soul sucking at times. But that just makes me feel worse. So instead I like to think about the good things from it. I've lived in spite of it for 7 years. This photo was taken a few months pre diagnosis:

Ah 14 year old Bec. You're not missed.

Pre-diagnosis feels like a lifetime ago. My diaversary is a nice way to mark the gains I've made. I'm healthier, more assertive and doing things I never dreamed of. I'm not thankful for my diabetes, but I think there's some positives to the way I've had to change to cope with it.

Cheers to 7 years! My diabetes is now the age equivalent of a slightly moody primary school child. Wonderful.


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