I’m often asked how I manage chronic illness every day. A lot of people say “I would die if I had to do that every day”.
There’s a sort of implication that I’m somehow “brave” because I live with and manage my type 1.

I was talking to a friend the other day who has a big interest in psychology and chronic illness. We were chatting about motivation, and how it takes quite a bit of it to have a chronic illness 24/7, every day, forever. I thought about what my motivation was and where it came from, it’s not particularly brave.

I’ve found that there are two main sources of motivation for me to manage my diabetes. The first is the better of the two, and the one that I try to keep up.
I don’t want to let it win.
Can you tell I’m a little bit competitive… quite literally with myself.

The other motivation isn’t noble, or brave, or good. It’s just fear, pretty simple huh.
I just don’t particularly feel like dying at the moment, so if I have to manage my diabetes to avoid that then I’ll do it!

So no, I’m not motivated by some magical power source. I’m not brave. I’d just rather not have my other organs shut down thanks very much!



  1. I hate it when people say that!!! I'm also competitive with myself. I think your diabetes and my diabetes would be friends. If diabetes had friends.


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