More low adventures

Time for another hypo rant!

This morning my diabetes clearly didn’t want me to be waking up early for a 6 hour orientation at uni.
So it decided to give me a level of 3.6 (under 4 is a hypo/low blood sugar)

That’s fine, no dramas.
Then it dropped to 3.3- yay.

So that was dealt with and off I went for a long orientation.
Then the hypo from the depths of the underworld came along- yes it deserves that title.

I was heading back to my car having just got off the train. Minding my own business I was trying to make a call (I was definitely already low but couldn’t feel it) and they didn’t pick up.

*note: probably a good thing, I wouldn’t have made much sense and might have insulted someone*

So as I was glaring at my phone for having the audacity to disconnect due to a busy line, a man approached me. He asked if I was alright, probably mildly concerned about the half lucid girl glaring at a mobile whilst dragging herself up a street.
I think I was nice enough but said I was completely fine thanks.
My low brain made me think he was a bit of a creep. Of course I’m fine! Why wouldn’t I be fine? Why is it anyone's business if I’m fine? You don't make sense! YOU'RE the one that's not fine!

*note: never trust the low brain*

Still unaware I was low I turned the corner and could see my car up the road. Then my brain decided that it would now alert me to its low state and make everything spin. I thought it was probably safer for me to run to my car than sit on the ground in a side street. I see the logic but I was lucky to have made it to my car. Rule 1 of a low blood sugar: No walking, no running, no anything.


The next twenty minutes involved treating a level of 2.6 (<2.8 is a pretty harsh one) by downing 2 juice boxes, a bag of chips and calling my mum. At least I had the common sense to alert someone that I was alone in my car stuffing chips into my mouth.
Then my lovely, highly stressed out parents came to get me because I was fairly set on driving home in my post hypo state.

My conclusion? Hypos suck and parents are awesome at staying calm in a crisis. They’re also pretty pro at understanding you even when you’ve not got a working brain.

Also, apologies to the well meaning man on the street- thanks for not judging me even though I glared at you and looked drunk at 4 in the afternoon. Sorry for the colourful language that was running through my head.


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