4 years of pumping

Today would be my first pump’s (Dobby's) fourth birthday.
But I put him through an x-ray machine.
So Severus carries on the tradition.

Pumps come with a 4 year warranty, so if you’d like to throw me in a pool or destroy Severus in some other way, then you should have done it yesterday.

Today you’ll foot the 8 grand bill for a new one :)

A lot of health insurance companies don’t fund new pumps until 5 years have passed. I don’t yet know what my health insurance does but I could be walking around with a pump for another year that isn’t covered.

If I stay away from x-ray machines I should be fine though.

Pump therapy is a great fit for me, and I threw together some stats with the help of calculators and google.

- I was on MDI (4 daily injections) for a total of 251 days
- Which means I had 1004 injections
- I have been on the pump for 1461 days
- Which means I’ve had around 487 set changes (needles to put in a new cannula)
- So had I have remained on MDI I would have had 6848 injections.

6848 time consuming, inconvenient injections that make you wake up at a specific time of day, can’t be made entirely accurate and are very prone to user error (mainly because of my bad maths). Instead my total number of insulin related jabs (let’s just not even try to count and include fingerpricks) sits at 1491.

Today marks by 1712th day of having diabetes (thank you date-calculator!) and I’m unbelievably grateful for this little machine that I spent 251 days fearing.

Thinking about the pump? Make the switch if you and your health insurance can.
Know someone with a pump? Consider it the machine that gave your friend their life back.


  1. Bit late, but happy birthday to Dobby!

  2. Haha, some present I gave him- I started the paperwork for my new pump the very next day


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