It's all in a name

I've just finished my second week of uni, and it's going reasonably well.
But there's something about this change that I hadn't anticipated, no one knows me.

Seems obvious right? New place= new people with no idea who you are

I think I've said "Hi, I'm Bec" about 20 times this past fortnight and I started wondering, why do I say Bec and not Rebecca? I think it happened like this:
a) Rebecca was originally the name I introduced myself with when I was a little kid, and she was very shy and reserved
b) Rebecca means I'm in trouble
c) Rebecca was used by teachers who I don't know particularly well or like very much
d) I had spent the past 3 years or so being called Bec by my entire year group

Who knew there was so much in a name?

So I had made the decision to go with a more casual variation of my name from the beginning, but next on the list was "what do I do when people ask questions about my diabetes? Am i supposed to tell them? Will they act like some of the kids in high school?"
With that problem, I decided to take it as it comes. Despite my blog's appearance, I don't tend to go shouting from the rooftops that I have type 1! So far most of the people I've met are aware of it, simply because I've randomly pulled out a noisy machine and stabbed myself in the finger! That tends to bring on questions...

So here's a few pointers:
a) Yes, you can watch me check my blood sugar
b) Yes, you can ask questions
c) I like questions :)
d) type 1 diabetes isn't caused by eating too much sugar
e) If you ask a question be prepared for a detailed response
f) I won't be offended if you tell me to shut up if my response is too long

So far everyone has been lovely, and curious. No accusations, no mean comments, no high school behaviour. Just decent people being decent!

Whilst it is off putting not being surrounded by people who know what to do if you have a low blood sugar, it's giving me a chance to learn how to explain things verbally.

I guess the plus side is I'm finally wearing my diabetes id necklace every day!


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